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Lymphedema and Rehabilitation Consultants, PLLC


Our Mission is to empower individuals on their health journeys by offering comprehensive and specialized rehabilitation services, fostering strength and independence every step of the way.

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Cancer Rehab


At LARC, our dedicated focus lies in the realm of oncology rehabilitation, where we extend our expertise to support individuals battling cancer. Our aim is to assist you in preserving strength, minimizing side effects, and optimizing your well-being throughout your cancer treatment journey, which may encompass chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation.

During this process, we recognize that various side effects may arise, including Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF), limitations in range of motion affecting the arms, legs, neck, and back, overall weakness in the body, peripheral neuropathy, balance deficits, pain, and lymphedema.

Our team at LARC is committed to ensuring that you are equipped for the fight of your life while enabling you to embrace life to its fullest potential. Through our specialized oncology rehabilitation services, you can expect the following:

1. Baseline assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of your strength, range of motion, body weight/body mass index, endurance, and overall fitness level.

2. Personalized goal-setting: An interactive session where we explore your aspirations and needs, determining what is most important to you. We delve into questions such as: What do you want to do? What do you need to be able to do? What truly matters to you? What are your goals beyond the treatment phase?

3. Tailored exercise and treatment plan: Based on your unique deficits and life goals, we develop a customized program that integrates targeted exercises and therapies

At LARC, we are unwavering in our commitment to provide you with the highest quality cancer rehabilitation care, ensuring that you are supported every step of the way towards a more resilient and fulfilling life.



Lymphedema manifests as a chronic swelling that can affect various areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, head/neck, trunk, pelvis, and breast, following cancer treatment (known as secondary lymphedema). Additionally, lymphedema can also occur from adolescence or birth (referred to as primary lymphedema). In cases where chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) progresses into lymphedema, it is termed phlebolymphedema.

To address your specific area of swelling, our team of Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLTs) possesses specialized training. While lymphedema has no cure and may progress, it is crucial to seek treatment as early as possible.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) serves as the gold standard for lymphedema treatment and comprises two phases. Phase I, known as the intensive phase, focuses on rapidly reducing swelling, and recommended treatment attendance 4-5 days per week. Phase II, the maintenance phase, involves employing the techniques learned in Phase I to sustain the size of your limbs. Both phases encompass the following components:

1. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD):


This technique employs tissue stretch massage to facilitate fluid movement within the affected areas.

2. Compression:


In the intensive phase, compression bandaging is utilized to expedite the reduction of limb swelling. In the maintenance phase, compression garments are worn to maintain limb size.

3. Skin Care:


Lymphedema can lead to skin breakdown and dryness, increasing the risk of infection. Utilizing low pHlow-pH lotion and soap is essential to decrease the likelihood of cellulitis.

4. Exercise:


The movement of your muscles acts as a pump for your lymphatic system. Regular exercise is crucial to facilitate the proper movement of swelling to its intended destination.

Education on Self-Care:

Living with lymphedema can present challenges. Our therapists provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively manage this lifelong condition in a manner that best suits your individual needs.

By offering comprehensive lymphedema therapy, we strive to enhance your quality of life and equip you with the means to effectively navigate this condition.


Garment Fitting

Ensuring your success in managing lymphedema hinges on providing you with the ideal garment. Our highly skilled clinicians possess specialized training and continuously update their expertise in this area. By leveraging their knowledge, we are equipped to guide you in selecting the most suitable type of garment, effectively contributing to the prevention of lymphedema progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

While Virginia operates as a direct access state, we uphold the practice of requesting an order to proceed with your referral. We ask for a referral letter/ order from your referring healthcare provider (or any other provider you have recently seen), as it plays a crucial role in facilitating appropriate care and seamless coordination between healthcare professionals, ensuring the utmost effectiveness in your treatment process.

The order should state PT/OT evaluate and treat for a specific diagnosis with the associated ICD 10 code.

With these, we also request the following 
1. ORDER as listed above. 
2. Demographics/face sheet with your name, address, and insurance information.
3. last medical note with a list of active diagnosis and medications.

What is your new patient procedure?

We request that you initiate the referral process through your referring healthcare provider, who can furnish the required documentation, including the following:

1. Referral letter with an order for evaluation and treatment.
2. Demographic details along with insurance information.
3. Latest medical note encompassing a comprehensive list of active medications and all current diagnoses.

By obtaining these essential documents, we can ensure a seamless and well-coordinated approach to your care.

Is there a clinic we can come to?

We do not have a physical clinic yet and at this time we operate as a mobile clinic/outpatient service, providing the convenience of delivering medical care directly to our patients' homes. Our primary service area, covering approximately 30 miles around the city of Richmond, allows us to offer comprehensive healthcare services to our patients, ensuring accessibility without extensive travel.

We acknowledge that exceptional cases may arise where patients reside outside our usual service area.

In such situations, we are dedicated to exploring feasible options and accommodating exceptions whenever possible.

Hence, we encourage patients residing beyond the designated service area to reach out to us directly.

This allows us to assess their unique circumstances and engage in discussions regarding potential arrangements.


Additionally, we maintain close collaboration with numerous lymphedema clinics and can guide patients towards alternative options if needed. Our priority remains ensuring patients receive the care they require, regardless of geographical boundaries.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

We participate with Medicare, Anthem, Humana, United Healthcare, and Optum.

This is not an exhaustive list. Please call us and we can guide you more effectively. 

Can I have services with you while I am receiving home health?

NO. we work as an outpatient and home health is done as a part A service . Usually we will have the patient sign a form at intake clarifying this as well as having home health and services through us affects the reimbursements for our services. 

What to expect once the referral is sent?

Once the referral comes in, we work on getting the benefit verification done and then we put you on the wait list.

How long is the wait list?

The average waitlist at most lymphedema clinics ranges from 4-6 months. Due to our mobile structure - we have more flexibility in scheduling. We do prioritize patients with ongoing chemo/ radiation requirements, pre-hab referrals, and open wounds.

Do you offer services for cash pay?

Yes. For more information, please call or email us.



Licensed Physical Therapist, VP at LARC


Kirat is a highly qualified and experienced professional, a licensed physical therapist with an extensive background in physical therapy. Widely recognized as a distinguished lecturer for Lymphedema management, both on a national and international scale. Moreover, this individual has undergone comprehensive training on certification courses tailored for various clinicians. To add to their impressive credentials, they hold certifications in wound care accredited by the National Alliance of Wound Care and the American Board of Wound Management and certified in lymphedema management by the lymphology associations of North America.


Licensed Occupational Therapist


Kat Conley is an accomplished occupational therapist specializing in lymphedema rehabilitation. She obtained her occupational therapy degree from VCU/MCV in 1985 and subsequently gained valuable experience in mental health facilities, as well as general medical and surgical inpatient settings, over a decade before transitioning to rehabilitation services.Recognizing a need for lymphedema specialization in the community and home health care, Kat pursued and obtained her lymphedema therapy certification from Norton University. To cater to individuals facing challenges attending outpatient services, she commenced providing lymphedema treatment in clients' homes.In addition to her expertise in lymphedema therapy, Kat possesses exceptional skills in sensory integration, visual perception, and home safety to prevent falls, particularly in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and during car transfers. As an occupational therapist, she also excels in pain management, dressing techniques, and adeptly utilizes adaptive equipment to support individuals' self-care needs, including cooking light meals and employing energy conservation techniques for daily tasks.Kat takes immense satisfaction in witnessing the positive impact of her services, observing the transformative changes they bring to people's lives, right in the comfort of their homes. Outside of her professional commitments, she actively engages in her local church, contributing to community needs, children's ministries, and Bible studies. Additionally, she is an enthusiastic member of a folk dance club, regularly preparing costumes and participating in local festivals.


Sarah Scalero, OTR/L, CLT, brings a wealth of comprehensive expertise in the realm of occupational therapy, specializing in the rehabilitation of adult and geriatric individuals. Situated within the thriving locality of Richmond, VA, her professional trajectory spans a breadth of diverse experiences. Notably, Sarah has proven her proficiency in delivering rehabilitative interventions within the confines of home health services within the city of Richmond. Her most recent engagement entailed a pivotal role within a senior living community, wherein she adeptly administered therapeutic regimens to elderly patients, ensuring optimal well-being across the entirety of their care continuum.


Educationally endowed, Sarah earned her esteemed Bachelor’s of Health Science and subsequently her Master’s of Occupational Therapy degrees from the prestigious Duquesne University situated in Pittsburgh, PA. The foundation garnered from her academic endeavors has laid the groundwork for her dynamic career. Her trajectory assumed a directed course upon the realization of an unmet need within the domain of lymphedema therapy, which inspired her to step into the breach and become a catalyst for change. This revelation propelled her to pursue specialized training, culminating in her recent graduation from the esteemed Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy.


Sarah's linguistic versatility extends to her proficiency in the Spanish language, further enriching her ability to connect with diverse patient populations. Beyond her professional engagements, she nurtures a penchant for outdoor pursuits, exemplified by her appreciation for kayaking. The company of her partner and their feline companions in the familial setting form the cornerstone of her personal respite.


In every facet of her professional journey, Sarah remains steadfastly dedicated to the cultivation of enduring patient relationships built upon trust and an unwavering commitment to bestow compassionate care. By leveraging her multifaceted proficiencies and fervent devotion to her craft, Sarah Scalero epitomizes the epitome of a consummate occupational therapist, a distinction she seamlessly embodies through her vast experiences and tireless pursuit of excellence.

Licenced Occupational Therapist


Kimberly Ericson PT,CLT

Licensed Physical Therapist 

Kim Ericson is a distinguished and highly seasoned physical therapist, holding the esteemed certification as a lymphedema therapist. In 2003, she attained her physical therapy degree from the prestigious VCU, followed by her comprehensive lymphedema certification from the renowned Norton School in 2005. With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Kim has diligently and skillfully served a diverse patient population, specializing prominently in the realm of oncology-related lymphedema encompassing breast, head and neck, and gynecological cancers. In addition to this specialization, she has demonstrated profound expertise in managing cases of lipedema, phlebo-lymphedema, and pediatric lymphedema.

Kim's dedication to her profession extends beyond clinical practice, as she has assumed the role of a mentor to numerous emerging lymphedema therapists. Furthermore, she takes great pleasure in annually delivering the lymphedema lecture at the VCU School of Physical Therapy, imparting her wealth of knowledge to the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Notably, Kim is enthusiastic about introducing lymphedema care into the domicile of patients, recognizing firsthand the formidable challenges individuals face with outpatient lymphedema treatment. She is committed to enhancing the quality of life for her patients by providing compassionate and tailored care within the comfort of their homes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kim finds immense joy in the company of her husband and two active children. Her personal interests often lead her to the sidelines of soccer games and serve as the impetus for planning captivating family adventures


Austin Bridgforth,DPT,CLT

Licensed Physical Therapist 

Austin Bridgforth, PT, DPT, CLT, a valuable addition to our team with a rich background in inpatient rehabilitation. With expertise in treating a diverse range of conditions including cardiopulmonary, neurological, orthopedic diagnoses, and lymphedema, Austin brings a comprehensive skill set to our practice.

Originally from Richmond, Austin pursued her passion for health sciences at The College of William and Mary before earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from VCU/MCV. Her journey towards becoming a lymphedema-certified therapist began in 2018, inspired by her mother's battle with cancer. Witnessing the need for specialized therapists in this field, Austin obtained her certification through Klose Training, recognizing the unique role they play in patient care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Austin finds joy in family time, gardening, and paddle boarding. She's also dedicated to training her rescue pup, Kip, to become a therapy dog, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact both inside and outside of the clinic.


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